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Help and Support

If you are a logged in participant of the Indigenous Mapping Workshop and experience a problem, you can contact our dedicated support team with a message using the live chat at the bottom right-hand corner of the page, or by sending an email to


Where can I find mapping and technical support over the holiday break?

The following links will take you to help forums for each relevant technology type.

Google Earth

Esri/ArcGIS Pro/ArcGIS Online


Where can I find Indigenous Mapping Workshop's main public site and news?

For our main content and the latest workshop news, please visit

How do I install ArcGIS Pro?

Windows Users: You can find the steps to install ArcGIS Pro in our course Introduction to ArcGIS Pro. Otherwise if you need a refresher, click here for step by step instructions.
Other users: We recommend that users on other operating systems access ArcGIS Pro for activities via the virtual labs supplied within the course content.

Can I complete the ArcGIS Pro course if I do not have an Esri license?

If you do not have an Esri account and license, you can request one by sending us an email. Please send an email to with your request and we will provide you with a training account and license within one business day.

How much time do I have to complete courses?

Your courses can be completed entirely at your own pace. You can take as much time as you like and can always revisit content if you need a refresher.

How do I save my progress in a course?

Your progress in a course is automatically saved by our learning management system. As long as you login with the same account you will be able to see the green progress checkmarks that signify units you have completed. There's also a handy Resume Course button in the top right hand corner of the course outline view.

What do I do once I finish all of the courses? Will there be more courses in the future?

We will continue to create more courses and make them available to you as they are published. Got a great idea for a course? Let us know at

What do I do if I come across a word or an abbreviation that I don’t understand?

We’ve put together a document to help you become familiar with the definitions of common words and abbreviations that we use in the courses. Inside of each course there is a support page titled ‘Glossary’ that is available for you to access, download and print.

You can access the ‘Glossary' from the top horizontal menu during any course:

Screenshot of course pages.

If a word you’re unfamiliar with isn’t in the glossary, please reach out to us through the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of your course.

What is Tahoe/Open edX?

The Open edX platform is a free, open source online course management system that was originally developed by edX. IMW Australia - On Demand uses Tahoe, a distribution of Open edX, as a platform to deliver online GIS courses.

Where can I learn more about Open EdX and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)?

If you're new to Open EdX and MOOCs and want to learn more about how to use sites such as this one, the following sites and documents are helpful:

Open EdX Learner's Guide
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Wikipedia

Need a reminder on how to use IMW Australia - On Demand? Watch this quick video from our Support Team.